Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will protect it. We only disclose information to third parties where necessary e.g. your address to a third party courier when we are needing that courier to make a delivery to you.

In order to determine a customer's ability to receive HTML email in addition to whether or not an email has been opened, we include a "web beacon" in the majority of the HTML marketing email messages we send. A web beacon (actually a small .gif image) is activated when an HTML email is opened via a request for the image on our servers. This capability helps us send email in a format users can read and enables us to track the aggregate number of emails opened. The web beacon does not collect any personally identifiable information. We also use a system to track when a URL has been clicked inside
of an email message sent by our system. We use this functionality to track
which links were clicked and in what quantity, as well as the aggregate number
of links clicked. This click tracking functionality does not collect any
personally identifiable information.

Our web servers sends cookies to your browser so we can keep track of your browsing session with your login status and shopping cart. The cookie itself does not contain any personally identifiable information. A user can set their browser to reject cookies and still browse our web site, however, the full functionality of the site, including logging in and online shopping, will not be available. Additionally, users can maintain their logged in status across discontinuous browsing sessions with the same browser via a cookie, however, that is purely a convenience offered to users that can be selected as an option when logging in.

You can review and change your personal details, unsubscribe from our promotional offers and/or cancel your registration to our online site at anytime. Marketing emails that we send you have an unsubscribe hyperlink at the bottom that you can click on to unsubscribe.

We always ensure that we comply, for your peace of mind and our protection, with the Privacy and Consumers Guarantee Acts.